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Password breas have become commonplace. Here's how to ck the status of your passwords and, more important, keep your identity safe. As if the recent ransomware scares weren't enough to keep you up at night, password breas continue to make news. Back in May, for example, security research center MacKeeper reported that a massive database of stolen passwords had surfaced online. And while it was composed largely of passwords from a variety of sources, many of them years old, its newfound accessibility - and conglomeration into a single collection - is cause for concern. It's also cause for action. Although "online safety" feels increasingly like an oxymoron these days, there are still steps you can take to protect yourself when breas like this occur.

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The dump, labeled "Collection #1" and approximately 87GB in size, was first detailed earlier today by Troy Hunt, who operates the HaveIBeenPwned breach notification service. Hunt said the data In , my analysis showed that percent had the passwords password or If you look at password dump data from if they come from hacked adult sites where many users are choosing Using the 1Password password manager helps you ensure all your passwords are strong and unique such that a breach of one service doesn't put your other services at risk. Pastes you were found in A paste is information that has been published to a publicly facing website designed to share content and is often an early indicator of a data breach

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Thus, take some time to delete old, unused accounts. This is another way a password manager comes in handy: When it first imports all your passwords, you can see a full list of every account you have If you are trying to register or reset your account using that, the wait may exceed 12 hours. Consider using google or protonmail. For password resets, make a temporary account and post a thread in private enquiries with your main accounts email address and a password will be sent to you Eroticity must be added to our list of adult chat and image sharing sites like AnonIB. On this free to use site, you can upload any XXX content of your choosing, as long as it's legal. You can also view all the content that others have submitted without registration.

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Account Upgrade Settings Change Password. It all starts with getting rid of those overly used, poorly designed passwords you know are terrible but you use anyway.

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The most secure password in the world is useless if a hacker steals it, but it becomes much less useful if it's not the same password you use for every single log-in. In other words, it's essential that you employ a different password everywhere you conduct online affairs. And the only effective way to do that is with a password manager, which can generate and manage unique, robust passwords for all your sites and services.

Dashlane can automatically change your passwords, a huge time-saver and a great way to get ahead of security breas. Of course, even password managers aren't infallible, as LastPass users discovered recently.

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That's why you should change passwords regularly - a potentially daunting task unless your password manager can perform it automatically. Dashlane and LastPass are among the handful that offer this handy feature. The aforementioned database contains some million passwords.

Want to know if yours are in there somewhere? Head to Have I Been Pwne which cks to see if your email address appears in any database that's been compromised. The aptly named "Have I Been Pwned? If it does, don't panic: Remember that many of the sources in that database are years old.

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For example, one of my email addresses was indeed "pwned," but it was in the Dropbox breach of - and I've long since changed my password there. Of course, it certainly wouldn't hurt to change the password on any site s detected here. Pro tip: Click Notify me when I get pwned so you can be informed if and when your email appears in the next breach.

This site recently added another tool to help keep you safe : a search engine based on a database of over million compromised passwords. So, rather than searching for your email address or username, you can search for a password. Of course, security expert Troy Hunt, who operates the Pwned site, advises against using his tool or any other to ck passwords you're actively using. Rather, this is way to vet any new password you might want to employ, as you can see if it's already been compromised.

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Short of a fingerprint reader, two-step verification aka two-step authorization may be the single best way to protect online accounts.

Most commonly, the second of the two steps the first being entering your password involves entering a code delivered on-demand to your phone.

Even if a hacker has your password, he doesn't have your phone, and therefore shouldn't be able to bypass that second step. Of course, this requires you to have your phone close at hand and able to receive text messages or, if you use an authorization app instead, data connectivity.

It's also an extra hassle.

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Want to learn more? Read Matt Elliott's Two factor-authentication: How and why to use it.

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Then move onto Matt's more recent ate, in which he advises against using SMS for this.

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